Upcoming Events

Theses-in-Progress in Conversation

Problematising “Civil” in Civil War and “Peace” in Peacebuilding – Elena Simon and Henry StaplesRethinking Civic Engagement in Contexts of Political Violence – Ahmed Bastaki and Amna Kaleem Chair: Dr Anastasia Shesterinina

Projects in Progress: Environmental Activism

Violence against Environmental Activists in Colombia – Dr Jonathan GamuSocial Movements and the Ecologies of Survival in Egypt and Turkey – Dr Cemal Burak Tansel Chair: Pr Jan Selby

Book Launch

Mobilizing in Uncertainty: Collective Identities and War in Abkhazia – Dr Anastasia ShesterininaIn conversation with: Dr Laurence Broers, Caucasus Programme Director, Conciliation Resources and Russia and Eurasia Programme Associate Fellow, Chatham House

Political Violence and Reconciliation

Victim-Centred Approaches to Conflict Related Human Rights Abuses BA Project – Dr Helen TurtonThe Peace Process and the Complexity of Violence in Colombia – Dr Juan Mario Diaz Chair: Dr Simon Rushton

Understanding Civil War from Pre- to Post-War Stages

Civil War Paths UKRI FLF Project – Dr Anastasia ShesterininaRethinking Civil War as a Process Roundtable – Michael Livesey, Amna Kaleem, Elena Simon, Henry Staples, Bryony Vince Chair: Anastasia Shesterinina