Keynote speaker event: ‘Reimagining Civil War Studies’

Event: Dr Anastasia Shesterinina gives the keynote presentation at the launch of the Équipe de Recherche sur la Politique Internationale des Conflits Civils.

Civil War Paths project lead, Dr Anastasia Shesterinina, will be giving a keynote presentation at the University of Montreal on Thursday 23rd September.

The keynote, ‘Reimagining Civil War Studies: Civil War as a Social Process’, is part of the launch of the University’s new Équipe de Recherche sur la Politique Internationale des Conflits Civils/Research Team for the International Politics of Civil Conflict (ÉPICC).

Dr Shesterinina will share her reflections on the state of the field, and discuss ways forward in civil war studies.

You can register to join the launch event either in-person or via Zoom, by clicking the button below. The launch takes place from 16:30-18:00 in Montreal/21:30-23:00 UK time.

Mountains in Kazbegi, Georgia

Civil War Paths seminar series

The Centre for the Comparative Study of Civil War is proud to launch a new Civil War Paths seminar series. The series features contributions from leading scholars in the study of social movements, state formation, insurgent organisation, and civil conflict.